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I’ve spent my professional lifetime building businesses and bringing innovative products and solutions to market in the tech space .. including healthcare, government, retail, financial services/insurance, media/entertainment and other industries.  Since starting my first business at 14, another at 19, and buying my first company at 22, I’ve been helping startups, mid-size and large businesses get to the next level .. playing a role in 9 different acquisitions along the way (5 on the sell side, 4 on the buy side) .. plus 3 noteworthy turnarounds.

As an experienced leader with a track record of creating high performing teams and streamlining operations, I love the challenge of building something scalable, differentiated and durable.

I often write and speak about corporate entrepreneurship and value driven innovation.  My technology expertise is broad and also includes specialty areas like artificial intelligence, enterprise content management (unstructured data), records management, big data, advanced analytics, natural language processing and case/care management.

A proven entrepreneur and intrapreneur, I selectively consult in areas of personal interest where I can add value and bring expertise – helping organizations accelerate growth and address shortcomings.  I also spend time mentoring entrepreneurs and veterans through several programs .. while completing a business book currently in-progress.

I am originally from Baltimore and now reside close to both Baltimore and Washington, DC.  I can be found on the golf course, listening to music or enjoying photography when relaxing.

Connect with me on Twitter @CraigRhinehart or LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/craigrhinehartprofile.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Craig,
    I’m wondering if a computer similar to Watson could be used to create the first artificially-intelligent Facebook profile–one that could create posts, comment intelligently, upload photos and links, “like” posts and pages, and have a network of friends (real people) with whom it communicates effectively and intelligently, like a human. I think it would be a great challenge, and also a global social media coup.
    Love the Watson project.

    • I think we can expect to see advances in natural language, including more natural computer interfaces. The computer gaming industry, and the iPad, have done the most to captured the imagination on that front recently.

  2. Hi Mr.Rhinehart,

    I´m a Brazillian journalist and I work with a ECM magazine for Brazil and Latin America readers. We will run a big show on next september at São Paulo ( ECM Show 2011), so I´m wondering if you are avaiable for presentations outside US, and how can I get you to explain more about it?


    Susana Batimarchi – editor
    Latin America Document Management Magazine

  3. Craig,
    I am a physician and programmer, who in fact, made most of the discoveries IBM Watson and other people are doing right now on the field of big & small data analytics to save lifes.

    Please don’t miss understand me, but Watson project would simply benefit and accelerate with me on board. I tried to apply multiple times to Watson through the regular “CV submission” board, with no effect.

    Of course, because I don’t want to work a physician for Watson, nor as a programmer for Warson,

    I am looking for a position that simply doesn’t exist (due to unique set of skills I represent) – an interface – consulting guy from the boarder of medicine and IT industry.

    I have multiple thoughts on data collection and its limitations, analytics, errors and computer processing in medicine and needs, errors and perspective of a physician and nurses.

    Please consider my application.
    See my CV on http://www.warsawphysician.eu and my global initiative on healthcare analytics, http://www.healthcaredecoded.com.

    Consider my application for this non existing position,

    I have something to say in the area of healthcare data collection and analytics.

    Best regards
    Łukasz Kiljanek MD

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