ECM Integrators … Should They Be Vendor Neutral Any More?

I am taking a one-week break from the 4 step governance approach to comment on a related topic. An ECM consulting firm I hold in high regard (name withheld) recently published an article justifying a vendor neutral ECM consulting / system integrator strategy.  As I read this article, it struck me as a very 1980s point ofContinue reading “ECM Integrators … Should They Be Vendor Neutral Any More?”

Step 1 – Can You Trust Your Repository?

The 4 steps to enable ECM to participate in information governance starts with choosing the right repository.  In short, Trusted Information needs to reside in trusted environments.  In the case of content, this means Trusted Content Repositories.  By definition, if you can’t trust the environment, you can’t trust the information itself.  Imagine building an application thatContinue reading “Step 1 – Can You Trust Your Repository?”

A 4 Step Model for Trusted Content

Continuing in my recent theme of information governance and trusted information including enterprise content … we know that unstructured information (or enterprise content) is inherently different and requires a slightly different approach within the traditional data/information governance context.  Organizations need to take 4 key steps to include the unstructured side of things: Identify and designateContinue reading “A 4 Step Model for Trusted Content”

What Happens When We Fail to Govern Content?

In my last posting I discussed the need for Trusted Information. Continuing in that theme … I am going to focus on the need for trust and governance in Enterprise Content Management (ECM).  Industry estimates claim that 80-85% of an organization’s stored information typically is unstructured data (or content).  I’ve always thought of this inContinue reading “What Happens When We Fail to Govern Content?”