Film Noir Technology Product Marketing

Most technology product marketing these days reminds me of those old Humphrey Bogart detective movies made in the style of “Film Noir” (dark somber tones permeated with a feeling of despair, disillusionment, pessimism and despair) … or at least that’s how I feel after thumbing though today’s technology magazines and browsing my competitors websites and marketing brochures.  I do this as part of my competitive intelligence and profiling process (more on the importance of tracking and profiling competitors in a future post).  Despite the necessity and importance of profiling, the whole process is really a recipe for The Big Sleep (pun intended) in that it is just not that exciting.  All of the solutions sound the same. I imagine everyone is guilty of this from time-to-time but it’s really getting riduculous … a regular “marketing crime spree” if you will.  No original ideas and plenty of copycat messages.  Every vendor seems to make the same claims about their solutions (whether true or not) and they all use the same buzz words … cloud this … compliance that … which makes one wonder how an actual customer can be expected to understand and know the truth among all the misleading claims, hype and outright lies?

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